Posted on 14-Jan-2019

Horton Pharmacy and Travel Clinic

How much will it cost?

There is a one off £10 joining fee. After that there is a monthly fee of £40 a month. This is paid a month in advance. There are NO contracts and no minimum tie in period, so if you do not think it is working for you, you simply don’t renew.

Your monthly subscription gives you access to a weekly appointment with a healthcare assistant. We see sustainable weight loss as a journey, and we will share that journey with you.

If you are not finding good enough results with just the changes to your lifestyle, your membership also entitles you to an appointment with a prescriber. They can discuss and prescribe for you other options. This may include the slimJECTION or other weight loss tablets. Different options will be suitable for different people. The costs of these vary from £1 a tablet to upto £90 for a slimJECTION pen.

How much weight can I lose?

Studies show an average weight loss of 13lbs, after one three week course of the slimJECTION. Using it once a day while following our medically supervised treatment plan will give you the best results. Multiple drug trials have shown great success rates of the injection. It’s mode of action and other information shall be discussed with you prior to you being prescribed it. The pen will not be suitable for everyone, and you have to undergo a consultation to assess your suitability. We do also need to look at an individual's lifestyle, including a food diary and monitoring activity levels.
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