Posted on 13-Jan-2019

Horton Pharmacy and Travel Clinic

Our weight loss clinic is different from your typical slimming clubs. The key being ours is medically supervised. We have decades of experience working in the healthcare industry, both within the NHS and privately.

At your first appointment, you shall have a number of measurements taken including:

Blood Pressure


Total Cholesterol

High Density Lipids


Cholesterol ratio


Waist measurement.

This gives us a great baseline to start your treatment plan. We also discuss your general lifestyle, as well as previous weight loss attempts.

We will measure all of these again at different times throughout your treatment plan. Not all are measured every week, as there would be no benefit in doing so. Initial improvements in your health will take months to achieve.

Everyone is an individual and there is no one set plan for everybody. This is why the clinic will provide a personalised plan, following the initial consultation.

How much will it cost?

There is a one off £10 joining fee. After that there is a monthly fee of £40 a month. This is paid a month in advance. There are NO contracts and no minimum tie in period, so if you do not think it is working for you, you simply don’t renew.

Your monthly subscription gives you access to a weekly appointment with a healthcare assistant. We see sustainable weight loss as a journey, and we will share that journey with you.

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